buonaforma was founded by two college students aspiring to bring beauty and joy to everyday life.


 With a vision to bring timeless, modern, elegant designs to life, we began our journey by doing things that brought us joy. As we refined our vision, and we dreamt of bringing them to life to share with the world. 


Combining modern technology with ancient techniques, we began creating. Through failing often, learning quickly, and loving every moment of the process, we found a way to compose exquisite functional art.


Each piece is meticulously crafted and infused with unique elements of the human touch, making each and every piece truly special. 


From the very beginning we wanted our gifts to the world to have depth and meaning beyond intrinsically beautiful design. For every piece that is collected, we donate 1% to FIRST, Americans for the Arts, and Children and Nature Network to support social causes that have inspired and influenced our lives and our designs. 


buonaforma is a community of art lovers, design enthusiasts, and technology buffs. Above all, we are a community of social doers who care deeply about nourishing the people, places, and landscapes that make up the beautiful world around us.


Peter and Nate welcome you to buonaforma

Nate Vance