In times when I’m alone, the world around me quiet, my atmosphere calm, I think of purpose. I wonder what it is to live a meaningful life. I often ask myself -


What brings me joy? What am I good at? How can I serve the world?


These questions challenge me. These questions guide me.  In powerful, subconscious ways, these questions influence who I am, who I become, and how I engage with the world around me. 


For a long time, my answers to these questions have been murky, undefined, incomplete, unable to arrive at a focused and authentic conclusion.


Struggling to diagnose my inability to answer such straightforward questions, I came to the realization that it was my very own injection of self-imposed societal constructs, expectations, and “next steps” that had been the disrupting noise in my train of thought; obscuring and confounding the genuine answer that had always burned deeply at my core. 


By confronting and dispatching these self-imposed inhibitors, my answers, my vision, and my purpose all became clear.


To live a meaningful life, to have purpose, to find joy, to discover what I’m good at, and to manifest those findings in order to best serve the world, to me, means taking ownership of, and becoming the author of my own story, following the light that burns inside me, and taking full responsibility for my destiny. 


For me, being the author of my story means to live my life guided by passion, autonomy, creativity, and freedom. It means setting aside insecurity, subsiding from drawing comparisons to others, and to allow the light that burns so persistently inside me to guide who I am, and who I become.


buonaforma is the embodiment of the light that glows brightly inside me. 


buonaforma allows me to be the author of my own story, to surround myself with bright, talented, driven, and loyal people, and to create, expand, and share the vision to bring high end, timeless, modern, and elegant designs to life, turning ordinary into elegance. 


Ultimately, buonaforma allows me to serve the world by bringing beauty to everyday life, pursuing my passions, and creating statement pieces with true social purpose. 


As the founder and creative director of buonaforma, I thank you for joining us on our journey. 



Peter Frank