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buonaforma In Your Home

The human eye can focus on 50 million different objects at once while simultaneously distinguishing 10 million different colors. This extraordinary feat is only one of the five senses that we use to experience a space.

Interior design is the art of capturing and elevating the way you experience the world around you. Kendra Sisac, an interior designer out of Grand Junction Colorado, lends her tips of the trade when incorporating the buonaforma Founder’s Series into your space.

“I feel that ceramics in the design space offers a handcrafted design element that is important to incorporate into your home. It brings in such an interesting and unique take on a space,” Kendra said.

When incorporating a ceramic piece, color, grouping, display, and placement are key components that will make or break your placement.

The Founder’s Series comes in many different glazes, ranging from Galaxy Blue to a more classic Snow White. Each glaze holds vast opportunity for rooms ranging from minimal to vintage décor.

“I think what is wonderful about buonaforma’s vases is that they are a very neutral palette so they will work in any space,” Kendra said. “You can incorporate them with your overall color theme and concept.”

Another key component to remember is the simplistic art of grouping. Odd numbers or rather asymmetric properties are very appealing to the human eye. In sculpture, paintings, architecture, and interior design, the magic number three is a consistent feature. The Founder’s series is made up of three designs, Dawn, Ignite, and Morph. These three vases can be displayed together as a set, complementing and highlighting each other’s elegance.

When displaying the three pieces it is important to consider elevating them. So much attention can come from simply propping a piece at an elevated height. When together, the set of vases should be staggered to create a dynamic look to an otherwise static display. Kendra recommends leaving at least one at a lower to normal height and then adding elevation to the other two.

buonaforma’s vases can be incorporated in a variety of places in the home, office, and business. Kendra gives some insight into where in the home you should consider placing your ceramics for the most draw and effect.

Traditionally ceramics were used as vessels for cooking and storage. For centuries after they have continued to make their presence in the kitchen and dining area. The vases can be placed in the table’s center to add an element of artistic conversation to your dining, or as a decorative element on your sideboard. The sideboard is used to display and allow access to your dishes. Adding the Founder’s Series trio to your sideboard will complement your gourmet cooking with an artistic touch.

Another often overlooked place in the home is an art niche or bookcase corner. Kendra says that sometimes the smallest nooks and crannies can hold the most interesting vocal points for a space. The colors of Merlot and Ivory can complement the covers of a fading leather-bound book or highlight the oils used on an artist’s canvas.

Adding a breath of fresh air to a space doesn’t need to be a complicated process. Simply incorporating ceramics can bring an essence of elegance and timelessness into any space in the home.

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