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How to Host a Spring Garden Party

With the vaccine becoming more readily available across the nation, this spring is a great time to catch up with those you haven’t been able to see in a while. We are entering the post-covid world. What a great opportunity to connect with your loved ones and follow the mantra out with the old.

Most of us spent a lot of time confined to our homes during the pandemic. A change of scenery is a great way to liven up the way you have been spending your days. Hosting a garden party is the perfect way to get some time in the fresh air, spend a quality night with those you love, and create much-needed conversation. You don’t need a large space to host an elegant garden party. With proper decorations, the right lighting, and some food made with love; your guests will be raving about the night.

We recommend picking a time of day that suits the weather in your area best. Don’t shy away from a garden party during the day. Proper shading and fruit-infused water can complement the gorgeous sun that daytime has to offer. You can also set up some games such as cornhole and bocce ball. If your outdoor area is lacking the appropriate space for these games, a lively game of cards is also a great way to bring out the fun in your gathering.

If you prefer a nighttime event, there are unique ways to brighten up the fresh night air. Lights or lanterns are a perfect way to bring in an element of elegance to your garden. Since you can’t see the flowers and foliage around your yard as well, these lights add a soft ambiance to plant life at night. Martha Stewart also recommends including citronella candles in your table setting to keep the bugs away. These will add a soft glow of light to your table setting while keeping the bugs at bay.

Citronella candles are not the only element you should add to your table. Garden parties are the perfect excuse to break out some unique table settings. Dust off those funky plates and patterned napkins. The kaleidoscope of colors on your table will complement the natural colors of the blooming spring season.

Besides the great incorporation of colors through your dining ware, a unique table center will aid in tying all these components together. Spring brings so many flowers, sprouts, and sprigs that can be incorporated into your table center. A fresh cutting from your own outdoor space can bring nature to the forefront of your table.

Place a couple of flowers in a mason jar, a tied bundle, or consider one of the vases from the buonaforma Founders Series to house some clippings. Morph in Satin Stone is the perfect natural color to host a collection of flowers. Although neutral tones found in Satin Stone and Lunar Landscape are a great blank pallet for the naturally bright colors of leaves and petals, a colorful vase such as Merlot and Ivory can be a fun colorful addition to the surrounding colors. Just make sure that you have a white or muted tablecloth that will act as a simple backdrop for all the unique attributes on your tablespace.

The most important part of a get-together is the conversation. After a difficult year of separation and isolation, communication and human connection is a must. The perfect way to spur interesting conversation is through a story. Maybe those flower cuttings you added to your tablespace were planted by seed in your windowsill as a fun at-home project. Maybe your dining ware has a unique story. Are those plates something that you received from your grandmother passed down from the family?

Your buonaforma piece is a story all on its own. Each vase is correlated with a social purpose which can add a focal point to any conversation. Inspire your guests with décor that gives proceeds to STEM, outdoor, or art opportunities for children.

The food you are serving can also add as an element of conversation. According to Jim Denevan, the founder of Outstanding in the Field, your menu can speak for itself. Make a trip down to your local farmer’s market. Most vendors are excited to talk about their produce and products, sharing stories about heirloom recipes and the quality of their crop. You can share these stories with your guests while supporting local farmers and businesses. If you are not sure what to serve your guests with all your seasonal finds, check out these spring recipes.

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