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Ignite Through STEM

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Technology is at the heart of buonaforma and our founders. To practice good form we donate 1% of our profit from Ignite to FIRST, a global robotics community preparing young people for the future.

STEM education has been a significant part of buonaforma’s founder’s lives. Peter Frank and Nate Vance were lucky enough to experience STEM education from a young age and it has greatly influenced the rest of their lives. STEM is also the key to the creation of buonaforma.

“The experiences I had conducting elementary school science experiments and setting off model rockets fueled my interests in STEM and ultimately led me to the path that I am on today,” Nate said.

Neither Vance nor Frank would have ever guessed that their interests and passions in explosions and math would have tied back to elegant ceramics. But by combining art with 3D printing technology, buonaforma has become a beautiful integration of contemporary design like no other.

“Without an early exposure to STEM, I likely never would’ve discovered the world of 3D Modeling, 3D printing, or advanced additive hybrid manufacturing methodologies – the foundational elements which brought buonaforma to life,” Frank.

With keeping in the theme of pursuing buonaforma or good form, Frank and Vance sought out a cause to support that tied back to their experiences. FIRST is the world’s leading non-profit that inspires young people to find themselves through innovation, technology, and engineering. Their programs include Lego League, robotics competitions, and tech challenges.

STEM gives students room to grow in a way that is not guided by memorizing facts and being on the outside of their education. Here, children can get their hands dirty, preparing them to be the leading innovators and critical thinkers of the future.

“It is vital that all kids have the ability to pursue all of their academic interests,” Nate said. buonaforma wants to give back to the community that fueled and ignited the fire of innovation and creativity in their lives.

Check out Ignite in the Founders series.

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