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It's Spring and Time to Freshen Up Your Space

Updated: May 19, 2021

Traditionally spring cleaning is a time to freshen up your yard, pack up a box of things to donate, and turn the soil in your garden. But spring cleaning can also be a great opportunity to freshen up your home with some new focal points and design attributes.

Because of the pandemic, many of us have spent a little too much time in our familiar spaces. Within the theme of spring, it’s time for regrowth. According to Healthy Women, your physical environment can have a tremendous impact on your mental health. Why not shed some of those gray layers of the last year?

Your spring transformation can start with adding some natural light into your home. Not only does natural light bring out the décor of your space, but it actually can improve your mood and your overall attitude. Something as simple as replacing those light-choking curtains could completely transform your natural light game.

Don’t have the best natural light? Not to worry. Simply repainting your walls with a bright paint color can provide an optical illusion that enhances your lighting. Colors such as white, ivory, cream, and tan can also make a drab area look cleaner, more pristine, and open.

Another way to lift off the heaviness of a space is by moving your décor around. Every once in a while, it is time to redecorate, but you don’t have to break the bank. Take what you already have and switch its position. Maybe move your side table to the right side of the room instead of the left. Or bring those family photos more into the forefront of that shelf.

If rearranging is not doing the trick, consider investing in a few standout pieces. Adding something new (even if it’s just one or two pieces) can be a great way to make spring 2021 feel fresh. A vase from buonaforma’s Founders Series can be a great way to jump into the sunny months with unique functional art. Both with its organic shape and timeless design, a creation such as Ignite, Dawn, or Morph is a great way to tie all of your home décors together. Not only do these pieces add to a space with design aspect, but they also contain stories of their own. Each piece is tied to a notable cause that you can feel proud of supporting.

The best part about reinventing your space is the opportunity to share it with others. Now with the vaccine making its way across the nation, you can connect with people you have lost touch with during the pandemic. Consider hosting a brunch or dinner. Your new and improved home can be a great conversation starter, especially if your décor tells a story.

Want more ideas to make this spring a year full of newness and growth? Check out our blogs in the future for more tips and tricks.

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