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Morph: Art For The Next Generation

In a world that is often guided by numbers, rules, and the black and white, art education is critical to developing the innovative thinkers of tomorrow.

buonaforma is passionate about the arts and giving children the opportunity to explore the right side of their brain. At its foundation, buonaforma is an element of art. Each design, Ignite, Dawn, and Morph encapsulate the marriage of innovation and creativity to craft unique home decor. Art’s education has given our team the skills to bring buonaforma to life.

Growing up I was lucky enough to be involved in programs through my town’s local art center. I’ve always had a knack for visual expression, but without the summer camps and classes through the Art Center, I would not have been able to reach my full creative potential. Although I’m not an avid finger painter or crayon wielder any longer, what I learned through art education still guides my every move today. Art education exercised and strengthened the creative side of my brain which is a critical component in innovation and expression.

Both Peter Frank and Nate Vance, the founders of buonaforma are passionate about supporting the arts of youth.

“Recognizing how influential art is for defining culture, we believe it’s critical to support equitable access to the arts, especially for the young minds whose creativity, imagination, and capacity for self-expression shapes the future of our world” - Peter and Nate

For a long time, arts have been cut and left out of educational programs. However, researchers are learning that the arts are a critical integration in the development of children.

The arts . . .

  1. Develop problem-solving skills, motor skills, language skills, social skills, decision making, risk-taking, and inventiveness

  2. Discipline students who would not otherwise be reached or engaged by other classwork

  3. Connect students to their own culture and the culture around them

  4. Present difficult concepts visually making these same concepts easier to grasp

According to Americans for the Arts, young people who participate regularly in the arts (an average of three hours a week) are four times for likely to be recognized for academic achievement.

As a company, buonaforma wants to support the growth of future generations through the diverse landscape of art. To keep with the theme of good form, we have chosen to donate 1% of our profits from Morph to the Americans for the Arts. Their mission is to build recognition and support for the extraordinary and dynamic value of the arts. Americans for the Arts believes arts transform students into engaged thinkers and active learners.

To learn more about buonaforma’s story and our mission to give back, check out the page Our Story and Social Impact.

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