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Yoga For Health

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Putting your best foot forward is key to preventing burnout, promoting energy, and feeling whole. Practicing yoga is one of the many ways our company, buonaforma, promotes wellness within our team and creativity in our occupation. Without wellness and good form, we would not be able to bring you quality designs that reflect modern elegance.

We interviewed Kara Traikoff, certified yoga instructor and Wellness Professor at the University of Denver, about her personal yoga journey. She spoke about how yoga has benefited her life and why you should incorporate yoga in your routine to establish good form in your own. Why you should incorporate yoga in your daily routine to establish good form in your life.

“Yoga is what introduced me to meditation, mindfulness, and spirituality, and so it has become more of a way of life. It’s my support. It helps me to feel good and it also helps me when I don’t feel good.”

Although yoga can be viewed as a form of exercise, Traikoff has learned and experienced the importance of incorporating mindfulness into her practice. When she first started practicing yoga in high school, she flocked to Ashtanga yoga, which is energetic and used as a workout. But as she has continued to learn and study wellness, yoga has become a complement to her meditation and other mindfulness exercises.

“If people are new [to yoga], it's the idea of paying attention. So just giving yourself pauses to pay attention and see what happens when you do that. For me, it's brought more vibrancy to my life. It’s heightened the moments that are good,” Traikoff says.

Tricoff says yoga won’t make you necessarily happier, but it allows you to work with the challenges of life. Yoga gives you a better emotional balance to handle the struggles you face.

As University of Denver students and aspiring entrepreneurs, it is important to take time to focus on our mental health. A lot goes into creating a luxury brand, and our minds are our best assets in design thinking. Between buonaforma, school, and our social lives, we are kept busy. However, as a team, we strive to take time to pause to promote quality thought and creation, which directly transfers to how we conduct business and design ceramic pieces. How we conduct business, design ceramic pieces, and provide you functional, luxury art.

Making time for yoga or any other good form of self-care can seem daunting. But, Traikoff emphasizes that you do not need to go to yoga classes or spend an hour on a mat to get the full benefit yoga offers.

“You don’t actually need an extended amount of time. It can be a couple of stretches, a couple of poses. Yoga can be movement, but it also can be the meditation piece, a more still piece. Even just allowing a few moments of breathing, awareness of breath, awareness of body, all of those things can be incorporated as beginning practices, but also as ongoing practices.”

Yoga is flexible in practice and is extremely accessible for everyone. For Traikoff, yoga is not defined by poses such as child’s pose or downward dog. Yoga is defined by taking a pause, which can mean something different to everyone.

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