The Ciao Bella Tumbler challenges tradition and reimagines the forms found in our daily lives while offering a wonderfully ergonomic and elegant sipping experience.


Material - High-Fire Porcelain

Size - 12oz

Finish - Matte & Gloss

Color - Three Different Colorways (join our email list to vote on your favorites!)

Ciao Bella Tumbler - Kickstarter Deposit


With the belief that soaking up inspiration from the simple things in life can transform how we feel and how we show up on a daily basis, the Ciao Bella Tumbler serves as a stunning and sophisticated reminder to find beauty and inspiration in the little things of life. 


The Ciao Bella Tumbler is coming to Kickstarter this Fall!


The first 250 supporters to make a $1 reservation deposit will receive a set of two for $55 as opposed to $70 when we launch!