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The Lunar Landscape Series emulates meteoric impact craters, extinct volcanoes, and the impact of lava flow found on the surface of the moon. 


For every piece collected, buonaforma will donate 1% of profits to Americans for the Arts, an organization working to ensure that every American has access to the transformative power of the arts.


Material: High-Fire Porcelain

Finish: Dark Magma

Size: 6" by 4" by 2.75".

Morph - Lunar Landscapes - Dark


The collectors pieces from buonaforma are handmade in house with the greatest care and highest craftsmanship. Each and every functional art piece is a one of a kind, entirely unique, original statement piece.  

In choosing to collect our limited edition functional art, you accept that the piece you receive will not be identical to the piece shown on the website, and that the variations in your piece are what make your collections truly special and one-of-a-kind.

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