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Social Impact - Renaissane

Dawn embodies the new beginnings of a sustainable future by incorporating simplicity into everyday life. For every piece sold, buonaforma will donate 1% to the Children and Nature Network, an organization working to ensure safe and equitable access to the outdoors for all.


Ignite symbolizes the burning passion we have to see beauty in everyday life. buonaforma seeks to ignite an education revolution that guarantees equal opportunity for all kids. For every piece sold, buonaforma will donate 1% to FIRST, a non-profit inspiring young people to be leaders and innovators in science and technology.


Morph recognizes the rapidly evolving world around us. and signifies our passion to create change for good. For every piece sold, buonaforma will donate 1% to Americans for the Arts, an organization committed to equitable access to the arts.

buonaforma translated from Italian means ‘good form’ - a core value of who we are and what we do. We view buonaforma as a lifestyle. It is in our DNA to practice good form in all aspects of our life.


One way we practice good form as a company is by sponsoring social impact organizations. Every design we bring to life tells the story of a social cause that has influenced buonaforma. For every piece sold, we donate 1% of the proceeds to the organization that characterizes the piece. 

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